Paradis Pros

Ode Fulutudilu

Real Betis, South Africa National Soccer Team, Voice-in-Sport mentor

Cha'Mia Rothwell

Track & field athlete, Duke Track & Field Volunteer Assistant Coach

Tess Wood

Freeride Skier, Bridger Ski Foundation Coach; artist & designer

Rosie Brennan

US Nordic Ski Team Member, Mentor for Voice-in-Sport, Fast and Female, Healthy Futures and Skiku

Sika Henry

First Black pro triathlete; corporate analyst, ultra-runner, and blogger

Caitlin Patterson

US Nordic Ski Team Alum, trail runner, climber, skier, structural engineer, and musician

Hilary McCloy

US Alpine Ski Team alum, physical therapist, and ultra runner

Laura Stacey

Canadian National Hockey team, founder of L7 Sticks for Charity

Julia Kern

US Nordic Ski team member, artist and designer, mentor for Little Bellas, Fast & Female and Share Winter

Amber Dodge Freeman

World traveler, gear guru, all-around athlete, and supermom

Britta Clark

Ultra runner, Green Racing Project, and philosophy PhD candidate

 Ella Eastin

US Swim Team alum, Med School student, founder of Dysunderstood

Taylor Ng

Pro tennis player, finance guru, and ambassador for High Impact Athletes

Pro soccer goalie, finance maven, and MBA candidate

Kaylee Letteau

Backpacking, hiking, and snowboarding athlete; sustainability and gear expert; currently hiking PCT

Nina Silitch

Ski mountaineering (skimo) athlete and coach, Nordic ski coach, artist and art teacher

Jullian Cudney

Air Force ROTC, D1 Swimmer, Biochemical engineering major

Grace Miller

US Paralympic Nordic Ski team, backcountry skier, rock and ice climber

Hallie Grossman

USA Biathlon, 4th/5th grade teacher and volunteer for Girls on the Run

Lynne Martin

 Wild Earth Adventurer, Thru-hiker and Birder

Ariana Ramsey

 USA Rugby Team, Personal Trainer, and Entrepreneur


The Paradis Pros are hardworking, driven female athletes who are role models for girls and women in sports. All of these women also give back to their communities in positive ways. The program works as a partnership and is designed to promote our company, its mission, and the individual sponsored athletes themselves. We are looking for women who are passionate about what they do, have an authentic belief in our products, and are willing to share their love for our products with their personal audiences on social media and/or in their communities.


Please email us at if you're interested in becoming an ambassador!