We are so excited to welcome Annika Landis to the Paradis Pros team! Annika grew up in Hailey, Idaho, where she was drawn to the adventure and freedom that the outdoors brought her, specifically the mountains that led her to competitive ski racing. Annika joined the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation Nordic Team as a child and continued for 12 years. Throughout her childhood, she envisioned herself racing at the highest levels, national and international, representing herself and the sport that she loved. Her favorite part of the sport was the community that it brought her, leading her to compete in college at Middlebury College in Vermont. At Middlebury, Annika had a very successful career as two time captain, racing in two NCAA championships as well as qualifying for U23 World Championships and winning a Junior National Championship Title. She was a consistent top-10 skier and leader for her team. She describes her time at college as, “some of the most fun I have ever had while skiing and I learned so much about who I want to be as an athlete”. 

After college, Annika joined the Craftsbury Green Racing Project, where she finished 9th in the American Bikreheiner in 2023, the largest ski race in North America! She also had multiple podium finishes in domestic marathons and top-15 finishes in the SuperTour over 30 times in her career. Annika has also dabbled in competitive running, including a win at the Baldy Hill Climb in 2020, four top-two finishes in the Stanhope 30k (‘17, ‘19, ‘21, ‘22), and a two-day 65-mile adventure run in the Idaho backcountry in 2023. 

Along with statistical success, Annika recognizes that competitive sports should be done because you love them, which is why she focuses on sport not as just numbers on a results sheet, but a chance to embody a sustainable lifelong pursuit of health and happiness. In her own words, “Grit, determination, and toughness are all important in sport, but so is being healthy in both body and mind”. A big part of Annika’s approach to athletics is her commitment to improving the conversations around mental health and advocating for healthy mindsets around eating and performance for all athletes, but especially women and girls. She wants to elevate the conversation around these topics in the sporting world while at the same time encouraging people to challenge themselves to push beyond what they thought was possible. 

Annika’s future goals include branching out into trail racing, along with ski racing in domestic competitions and some ski classics in Europe. She wants to build a mindset focused on loving the sport and reducing the psychological stress of performing at a high level. She also wants to give back to the community through coaching as well as engaging with climate and sustainability initiatives. 

We are happy to welcome Annika to the Paradis Pro team!