About Us

At Paradis Sport, we believe that female athletes should be outfitted to perform their best. They should not have to adjust or worry about their underwear when they are training or competing. 

Our founder and CEO, a former Division One athlete, had worn the same well-known brand of underwear for years. When she found that the cut and fabric had changed, she tried other brands and was disappointed with the options. So she teamed up with a talented designer to develop a seamless bikini. Female athletes tested our prototypes and offered feedback. After much refining, we bring you our very first style of undies: the seamless bikini.

Paradis Sport is proud to offer this bikini as the next evolution of women's underwear. We are currently developing three more styles so that every athlete can find her perfect pair of undies. Now you can focus on seeing the ball going in the back of the net, not your underwear going up the back of your butt.  Play on!