The First Layer

At Paradis Sport (rhymes with 'parity'), we care about underwear.

We believe that female athletes and active women should be outfitted to perform their best, and that starts with the first layer. Our underwear features 4-way stretch, high quality construction, the finest materials, and our stay-in-place promise so you can focus on what matters.  Let's be honest, we've got more important things to do than worry about uncomfortable underwear. 

Fit-tested By athletes

Our design process is unique and revolutionary.

We are the only underwear brand on the market to fit-test our products with elite and professional athletes. After 17 prototypes, 3 years in product development, and 37 athlete fit-testers, we bring you the best underwear for active women.  Our underwear is free from annoying tags, itchy fabric, chafing, wedgies, and harmful chemicals. We are constantly researching the latest developments in fiber technology and sustainable manufacturing. We focus on great design so you can focus on reaching and scoring your goals!

How it started

Our Founder and CEO, a former D1 athlete, had been buying the same brand of active underwear for years.

When she discovered the cut and fabric had been modified, she tried every other brand and was disappointed. She learned that most active underwear for women is designed by men, falls apart quickly, and is one of many products made by a large company with little attention to fit, function, and comfort. Paradis Sport was born out of a desire to make better underwear for women as sustainably as possible. The women who have joined her in this mission are, bold, strong and determined! This is our team - we are a crew of athletes and active women who love getting outside, achieving our goals, and moving in comfort.

A singular focus

Where we are now

In 2021 we launched our first product, the seamless bikini. We have since added the seamless thong and, after two years in development, we launched our natural fiber line in 2023.  We plan to offer more styles and sizes so that every woman can find her perfect pair of underwear. We are laser-focused on making great underwear only, and we hope you love our products!