About Us

At Paradis Sport (pronounced pair-ah-dee), we care about underwear. We believe that female athletes and active women should be outfitted to perform their best without having to deal with annoying wedgies just before that game-winning goal, the last hill in the trail race, or the third set tie-breaker. Let's be honest, we've got more important things to do than worry about uncomfortable underwear. 

Our founder and CEO, a former D1 athlete, had been buying the same brand of active underwear for years. When she discovered they changed the cut and fabric, she tried every other brand on the market and was disappointed. She learned that most active underwear for women is designed by men, made overseas, falls apart quickly, and is one of many products made by a large company with little attention to fit, function, and comfort. Paradis Sport was born out of a desire to make better underwear for women, made in the USA, in the most sustainable way possible. By teaming up with a talented designer with years of industry experience, we developed a seamless bikini and enlisted female athletes to test our prototypes and to offer feedback. After multiple rounds of fit-testing with elite athletes, we launched our very first style of undies: the seamless bikini.

We have since added the seamless thong and just launched our new natural fiber line after two years in development.  Our plan is to offer more styles and sizes so that every woman can find her perfect pair of undies. This is our team - we are a crew of athletes and active women who love getting outside, achieving our goals, and moving in comfort. We hope you love our products!


About Marie Paradis

Marie Paradis was the first woman to climb Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps at an elevation of 4,810 meters (15,777 ft).  On July 14, 1808, at the age of only 18, Paradis set out on her 3-day expedition alongside seven men to successfully complete the 8th ascent in history. Paradis was wearing a heavy winter dress, leather town shoes, and whatever itchy, long undergarments women wore at the time (most likely her attire was 12+ pounds!)  Battling freezing temperatures, high altitude nausea, and extremely technical and crevasse-ridden terrain, Paradis displayed remarkable perseverance. The expedition was physically grueling. When Marie Paradis reached the summit, she evidently was so spent that “she begged her male companions to throw her into the nearest crevasse to end her misery." (Girl, we feel you!) Thankfully, Paradis persisted and made it down safely. Upon returning to Chamonix (the town at the base of Mont Blanc), the residents celebrated Paradis’ record-breaking expedition. Following her achievement, Paradis became an innkeeper in Chamonix and was known as "Maria de Mont Blanc." She left treats for other climbers attempting the peak and congratulated the next woman to summit, which did not happen until 30 years later!   

Marie Paradis' pioneering spirit inspires us daily to tackle challenges, break barriers, persist and persevere. We named our company Paradis Sport in honor of this remarkable woman and our logo is inspired by Mont Blanc. We hope Marie would be stoked about the strides we are making at Paradis Sport to outfit today's women for (more comfortable) adventure and challenge!