We are so excited to welcome Kim Lord to Paradis Pro! The owner of Front Runner Athletic Medicine, Kim has always loved the outdoors and all the fun it brings her. Her passion for running has led her to compete in 45 marathons throughout her career, along with many other races at varying distances. Her favorite thing about running is the way it makes her more confident about her abilities and herself as a whole. On top of being an athlete, Kim is a mother to a wonderful son, who she works hard to set a good example for, showcasing through her determination and tenacity the heights that one can achieve when they put their mind to it! Her mindset about sports is one of the biggest factors in her success, and she points out that it is not about the statistics you get at the end of the day, but rather the goals you set for yourself and the metrics you have control over. That is why the variables you can control are so important to Kim. She knows she can both be there for herself on the road, while also uplifting the other women she is running with. In Kim’s own words, “If I can’t do it for me, do it for the woman next to me. Success breeds success, and if we all bring elevated performance to a race or to training, the whole group rises up”. 

Along with her long list of running achievements and owning her own business, Kim is the Vice President of a local Vermont running club, Green Mountain Athletic Association, the expo director for the one of the largest marathons in New England, RunVermont, as well as the director of other races in local areas. 

She also knows that helping your body heal is one of the most important aspects of being an athlete, which is why she got her Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training/Nutrition/Exercise Science from University of Vermont, and is the founder and sole employee of her own Sports Medicine Clinic. Along with being a certified athletic trainer, she offers dry needling, myofascial massages, trigger point therapy, nutrition consultations, and is a RRCA certified running coach. After undergoing surgery in 2023, Kim is using 2024 as a chance to come back healthier in mind and body, and get back into running marathons for the fun of it, leaving stress out of it. 

We are so happy to welcome Kim to the Paradis Pro family!