We are honored to introduce Chantae McMillan, a professional track and field athlete from Rolla, Missouri.  McMillan competed at the 2012 Olympics in the heptathlon and is currently training to make the Paris 2024 Olympic team in the heptathlon and javelin. She attended the University of Nebraska on a track and field scholarship and graduated with a degree in Education, with an emphasis in Art. Her husband Devon is a helicopter pilot in the US Army and they have two sons, Otto and Ellis. Outside of her sport, she enjoys being outdoors, working on art projects, taking care of her pets, and spending time with her family. 

Despite her busy schedule, McMillan prioritizes balance in her life. When she is not traveling for competitions, she starts her days spending quality time with her sons, followed by strength training and intense training sessions on the track. As she navigates the roles of a professional athlete, a nurturing mother, and a compassionate horse rescue volunteer, she prioritizes living in the present in each moment. 

McMillan draws her motivation from within. After overcoming a torn patellar tendon in 2011, she not only rehabilitated, but qualified for the 2012 Olympics with a personal record. This journey of dedication and resilience speaks to her focus on personal growth. In 2016, Chantae made the brave decision to take a step back from the heptathlon, and she has recently returned with a fresh perspective.. Her time away allowed her to see every event differently and uncover new techniques to make improvements. As she gears up for the Paris 2024 Olympics, McMillan is preparing  to compete in all seven events, a testament to her incredible growth from her last Olympic experience and strength in recovery after overcoming past injuries and challenges. 

As an athlete, a mother, and a compassionate human, McMillan strives not only to better herself but to uplift those around her.  We are so excited to welcome Chantae as an ambassador and we wish her the best of luck with training for the Paris 2024 Olympics!