Lori Barrett is an FEI dressage rider and trainer (the highest level of horsemanship), specializing in the development of young dressage prospects. Dressage is an equestrian sport requiring the execution of precise movements by a trained horse in response to barely perceptible signals from its rider. The word dressage means “training” in French. 

Before turning her focus to her own horses, Lori was the Head Trainer for Oak Hill Ranch, headquarters of the Danish Studbook in the US, and was the Head Trainer at the Chesapeake Dressage Institute. Previously Assistant Trainer to Olympian Tina Konyot, Lori got her professional start in dressage working as an assistant for 2 years in Germany under Grand Prix trainer Carla Symader before returning to the US to finish her Master's degree in Education.

Lori has loved horses essentially from birth, starting her professional career as a “barn rat” at the age of 12, first with hunter/jumper training & competitions.  At 17, she began apprenticing under an elite dressage trainer in the US before moving to Europe to further her education.  Lori competes with Olympic dressage riders around the country and her current coach anchored the silver medal in dressage from the Tokyo Olympics. Lori is the owner of Revel Ranch, a top training facility for young dressage horses based near Park City, UT, and she is exclusively the trainer for her own and her client’s horses.

Why was Lori drawn to Paradis Sport?  With all her hours spent in the saddle, Lori was developing saddle sores and was looking for an underwear brand that was more comfortable and wouldn’t chafe.  In her own words, “They are great! They do not create pressure points between the saddle and me.  The brief stays put, which, while a wedgie on the horse isn't as annoying as one when you're running, when isn't a wedgie annoying? So that is a fine discovery.”

We are thrilled to welcome her to the Paradis Pro team and are proud that our underwear is performing at the highest levels of horsemanship!

Learn more: https://revelranchutah.com, Revel Ranch Instagram