Soccer Without Borders x Paradis Sport

Soccer Without Borders x Paradis Sport


Soccer Without Borders (SWB) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing under-privileged children access to a soccer program as well as educational support and a sense of community. Based in four US cities as well as Nicaragua and Uganda, SWB gives thousands of kids every year a chance to be part of a team. Many participants are the children of refugees and asylum-seekers who benefit from the language-learning and cultural education programs SWB provides. Many youth sports programs in the US have high costs for participation, and SWB is leveling the playing field by providing free coaching, uniforms and equipment, academic support, mentoring, and a positive environment that empowers kids and sets them up for success. 


Through its Girls in the Game program, SWB provides a special focus on girls in sport. SWB has reached over 10,000 girls from over 50 countries of origin and its year-round programs maintain between 30-40% girls participation each year. This is more than triple the global average of 10% female participation (FIFA).  SWB prioritizes female role models in its coaching staff, and models gender equality at all levels of leadership.


Paradis Sport has decided to donate underwear to SWB because this process-oriented organization promotes equity, authenticity, and whole-person values. Paradis Sport shares these values, and we want to help outfit Girls in the Game with gear that is comfortable and allows them to feel and play their best.  This partnership goes hand-in-hand with Paradis Sport’s environmental mission. During the manufacturing  process, there are inevitably pairs of underwear made that do not meet the exact specifications for production. For example, a label might be slightly askew or one measurement may be off by an eighth of an inch. These factory seconds are still perfectly wearable and made with all of the same materials as the underwear we sell. By donating these products to SWB, Paradis Sport is keeping them out of the landfill and giving SWB girls a top-quality foundation for their soccer kits. 


Paradis Sport prioritizes sustainability, and we are constantly looking for more ways to further our environmental mission. Recently, Paradis has brought on new ambassadors Kait Miller and Caitlin Patterson who have strong environmental science backgrounds and will share their knowledge as we grow our product line. We also work with ambassadors Ode Fulutudilu and Rosie Brennan,  who volunteer with two other youth-in-sports organizations, Voice in Sport and Fast and Female respectively. We feel incredibly proud to have these partnerships with athletes who also help promote girls in sports, an important part of our social mission at Paradis Sport.