Paradis Sport in Backpacker Magazine!

Paradis Sport in Backpacker Magazine!

We are so excited that Kelly Bastone reviewed our underwear in Backpacker magazine's June 2023 issue and declared "Since January, I've been testing Paradis Sport's Seamless Bikini while ski-touring, Nordic skiing, hiking and backpacking. I prefer it to all other options in my drawer." 

When we met Kelly at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake city back in the winter, she agreed to test a pair of our undies. We didn't hear form her for six months because she was busy seeing how well they work. While many new brands pay thousands of dollars for paid editorial, we are playing the long game at Paradis Sport and want our gear to be thoroughly tested by people who care about quality and performance. 

Backpacker was founded in 1973 and covers hiking, fitness, gear, adventure, and travel stories. Here's what Kelly had to say about Paradis Sport:


Paradis Sport Seamless Bikini

"The new cottage brand, founded by outdoor athlete Sarah Weihman, uses a USA-made nylon fabric that's thinner than similar performance briefs made by companies like Patagonia. It's light and forgettable, and moves moisture fast enough that the material rarely feels damp. The cut is also, dare I say, near-perfect. No matter how I've moved, I have not had to tug at these underpants to yank them back into position. No chafing, either. That's a beautiful thing.

Paradis Sport just launched a Natural Fiber Bikini made not with synthetic material, but a micro-modal fabric sourced from beech tree pulp. Though it's not seamless, it uses a particularly soft and unobtrusive Merrow seam to avoid chafing. I have yet to test the Natural Fiber underwear, but based on the evident geekery that went into the Seamless Bikini, I predict it'll be a hit for active women who want non-irritating underwear."

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