USA Rugby player Ariana Ramsey joins Paradis Pros!

USA Rugby player Ariana Ramsey joins Paradis Pros!

We are so excited to welcome Ariana Ramsey to Paradis Pros! Originally from Philadelphia, PA, Ariana is a member of the  USA Rugby Team who graduated from Dartmouth College in 2023. She was an economics major, with a minor in Mandarin. Fun fact: she also speaks French!

In high school, Ramsey lettered in wrestling, track, cheerleading, and field hockey. She broke her school record in the 100 meter dash, but going into her sophomore year, Ramsey says she fell out of love with track and picked up rugby. In 2018, Ramsey was recruited as a scrum half/wing to Dartmouth College, where she was named team MVP in 2022 as well as MVP of 2022 NIRA Division Championship.

While at Dartmouth, Ramsey balanced playing rugby with majoring in economics and also began training for the Olympics. In 2019, she competed in the Pan-American Games, where she helped her team win a silver medal. In 2020, she played in the Paris World Games, qualified for the 2020 Toyko Olympics, and scored a try in USA's win over Japan (17-7). She is the first Dartmouth women's rugby player to play in the Olympics. In 2021, she was again invited to join the USA Rugby Team and has been training for the 2024 Olympic Games since August 2023.  

When she isn’t training or competing, Ramsey is a personal trainer (certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine) and has a strong interest in business.  She has completed the Tuck Bridge program and was a 

We are so excited to welcome Ariana to the Paradis Pro team and support her on her journey to the 2024 Paris Olympics!